Installation and Initial Setup


As of February 2010 installation of SensorSDK isn't totally simple, but it isn't totally complex either.

First you have to get SensorSDK egg file and all the egg files for the plugins you want to use. SensorSDK can be downloaded from

Then with an scp client you have to put this files into /opt/openproximity2/libs/plugins inside your ServerXR take into account that you will need to be logged in as root do it. What you can do is to upload them to your user home directory and then with sudo copy it to the target folder.

Make sure you have all the dependencies installed as of February 2010 those are (for Ubuntu):

  • python-pkg-resources
  • python-cjson
  • cron

You can install this dependencies by logging as root and doing apt-get install

Then you have to upgrade your database you do it by running:

cd /opt/openproximity2
sudo bash

Finally you have to add this lines to your crontab by executing crontab -e as root:

* * * * * (cd /opt/openproximity2; bash send_mail >> /var/log/aircable/cron_mail.log 2>&1 )
0,20,40 * * * * (cd /opt/openproximity2; bash rety_deferred >> /var/log/aircable/cron_mail.log 2>&1 )
*/5 * * * * (cd /opt/openproximity2; bash egg_command sdk_check_no_data >> /var/log/aircable/sdk_no_data.log 2>&1 )

As a last step you will need to reboot your ServerXR.

Initial Setup

Initial setup is rather easy, you have to point your browser to OpenProximity main site, then select SensorSDK from the plugins list, and from SensorSDK select SensorSDK Admin on this page you will get a panel with in site information on how to do the quick setup.

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