Manual Configuration

Programming Over Air

The AIRcable OS device supports wireless file transfer to install application:
Using another Bluetooth compatible device, such as a PC or a PDA, the AIRmote can be detected and will, by default, display the OBEX FTP profile and the OBEX item-exchange profile.

  • OBEX FTP file transfer server
  • OBEX item exchange server

The OBEX FTP allows users to access the file system and to configure the AIRcable OS device.
Two files are present:

  • AIRcable.bas
  • config.txt

AIRcable.bas file contains the BASIC program that runs on the AIRcable OS.
While config.txt is the persistent configuration used initially to configure the radio.
In config.txt, further configuration can be disabled. It can be used to allow or prevent upload, download, and any changing of these two files.
The OBEX item-exchange profile is used for communicating with other AIRcable devices using message and for business card exchange. For further details, see Part 3, Message Passing.


The file config.txt contains the configuration of the AIRcable OS. This file can be also downloaded from the AIRcable to the PC so that PC users can view the configuration.
It is mainly used to upload from the PC to the AIRcable so that the user can configure the hardware and the Bluetooth radio.
The config.txt file has a specific format. The configuration is a set of lines containing an address and a string of 16-bit hex numbers. The first hex number starts with "@" and the address of the configuration parameter. Then the syntax requires a space, an equal sign, and another space. A number of fixed 4 digit hex values follow.
Example: @0000 = 00c2 0104 0014
These configuration variables are defined as follows:

Variable Definition and Example
Bluetooth class of device definition The class definition is a 24-bit value according to the Bluetooth-assigned numbers. The default is 00c2 0104, describing a PC. The second number is the version of the configuration file that is defined by the version number of the current firmware. A configuration file without the matching firmware version number is rejected. // BT Class of device & version @0000 = 00c2 0104 0014
Bluetooth device name This string can be up to 32 characters long. Every character is a 16-bit value, but only uses the lower 8 bits. Values are in hex ASCII. // Name of device @0001 = 0041 0049 0052 0070 0068 006f 006e 0065 0020 0031 0032 0000
Bluetooth RF transmit power Default and maximum output power of the radio is specified in dBm. Maximum output power is 6 dBm (6dBm = 4mW). // default and max RF output power @0004 = 0000 0006
Bluetooth scan parameters Page interval and window scan interval, and window parameters specify the radio parameters while waiting for a connection. The defaults are: 0800 0012 1000 0012, the lowest possible values are designed to save battery life. These numbers represent slots in the radio baseband. // pg scan intv, wind, inq scan intv, wind @0003 = 0800 0012 1000 0012
Bluetooth sniff parameter definition Sniff interval and sniff window, maximum, and attempts are specified for power saving modes during a valid Bluetooth connection. The parameter are in number of slots. // sniff max, min intv, attempt, timeout @0002 = 0150 0050 0002 0028. NOTE: In the current version, these parameters cannot be changed.
Date This configures the internal real-time clock with this date string. This example means: 8/28/2005 Time = 00:55.00 Zulu// date @cccc = 20050828T005500Z
PIN code configuration The PIN code is the first level of authentication to allow access to the AIRcable device. If the BASIC program does not respond to PIN code requests, this PIN code is used. The numbers represent ASCII values of the PIN code, in this example the PIN code is "1234". You can use all the ASCII code not just numbers and letters, and up to 15 different chars.// default PIN code - @0005 = 0031 0032 0033 0034
Security Configuration These parameters configure access permission to the file system (Obex FTP), the message passing system (Obex vNotes, biz cards) and allows file system enabling/disabling at the OS level. For details please refer to the chapter on Security - // security disabled @0006 = 0000 0000 0000 0000
UART configuration parameters These parameters indicate the baud rate, stop bits, and parity configuration. The baud rate number is the hex value of the baud rate multiplied by 0.004096. The number of stop bits can be one of two by setting the second value to 0 or 1. The parity can be none (0), even // baud rate, stop bits, parity @0007 = 009d 0000 0000

Example config.txt file

// date
@cccc = 20050828T005500Z
// BT Class of device & version
@0000 = 00c2 0104 0013
// Name of device
@0001 = 0041 0049 0052 0070 0068 006f 006e 0065 0020 0031 0032
// sniff max, min intv, attempt, timeout
@0002 = 0150 0050 0002 0028
// pg scan intv, wind, inq scan intv, wind
@0003 = 0800 0012 1000 0012
// default and max RF output power
@0004 = 0000 0006
// default PIN code
@0005 = 0031 0032 0033 0034
// config security
@0006 = 0000 0000 0000
// baud rate, stop bits, parity
@0007 = 009d 0000 0000
// analog input correction
@0008 = 03e8 03e8
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