Product Overview

AIRcable OS is a new product line of programmable wireless micro-controllers (W-PLC). These new devices are a fusion of three technologies in one single device:

  • BASIC interpreter
  • Data logger
  • Bluetooth radio

AIRcable Operating System

All our AIRcable OS products are based on the AIRcable operating system. It allows running customer applications in BASIC. They are easily programmable over air through a wireless file transfer (FTP) of a simple text file containing the BASIC code. Our AIRcable OS products are the only embedded Bluetooth products that allow multiple and simultaneous wireless connections. In fact, two serial wireless connections (SPP) can be supported at the same time plus file transfer and message transfer.

Autonomous Operation

A very powerful input and output system implemented within the AIRcable OS allows reading and writing on 3 high speed serial ports: SPP master port, SPP slave port and the UART. Applications run independent of wireless connections and can communicate with sensors and attached devices or user interfaces. The AIRcable Industrial has an additional read/writable file system for data logging and retrieval using standard wireless FTP over OBEX. The interoperability allows even cell phones and PDAs to access the file system wirelessly.

Wireless Sensors

The AIRcable OS products come with a number of intelligent sensor interfaces: real time clock, temperature sensor, high-precision analog to digital sensor, LCD and more. This makes the AIRcable SMD the perfect solution for "smart dust", motes and other wireless sensor products. It is mesh network capable, bootstrap configurable and able to support master and slave operations simultaneously.
The AIRcable OS products are superior wireless sensor interfaces:

  • low development and deployment costs
  • low hardware cost
  • ultra low power of under 50µA with active AIRcable operating system
  • extremely long range of up to 28 miles
  • interoperability with any PC, laptop, cell phone, PDA, GPS etc.

Summary Benefits

  • Wireless micro-controller with powerful wireless functions and high security
  • Very easy software development and deployment
  • Single processor solution (one chip plus memory), very low hardware costs
  • Multiple sensor interfaces, ideal solution for "smart dust" or "motes"
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices (SPP, FTP, OBEX)
  • Full customization available (with or without file system, max BASIC code size, built-in functions, etc.)
  • Three connection half-duplex communication ports, two are wireless the other one is an standard DB-9 RS232 compatible UART.


Revolutionary in design and function, the AIRcable OS products unite three cutting-edge technologies — programmable, autonomous mesh nodes (motes), with data loggers and industry-standard Bluetooth® 2.0 compatibility.
Based on our AIRcable operating system, these versatile devices gather data using intelligent sensors, run computations, transfer files, and communicate using Bluetooth technology. These units can be clustered together to create a low-power, highly flexible mesh communications network that can interact with other nodes and with other Bluetooth compatible devices such as PCs, cell phones, laptops, and handhelds.
The communication diagram illustrates how our unit interacts with other devices, with the environment, with applications, and with the user.


BASIC Interpreter

The AIRcable Industrial is an intelligent, autonomous device that can be programmed wirelessly for any application written in standard BASIC - with no code compiler required. You can also access sensors - internal sensors, or those hooked up to the unit's built-in serial port - through your application program.
The AIRcable Industrial's embedded BASIC interpreter includes functions that you can incorporate into your customized programs:

  • Bluetooth connectivity (make connections, send files, etc.)
  • String operations (a unique feature for a BASIC interpreter)
  • Input/output (from all high-speed inputs)
  • File system capability

Wireless Data Streaming Ports

Wireless data streaming ports for an uninterrupted flow of information.
Another unique feature is its ability to manage up to four simultaneous connections, including: file upload/download, send/receive messages from other devices, and send/receive streaming data.
Ports include:

  • Bluetooth 2.0 Standard (802.11 tolerant)
  • 2 wireless data streaming ports using Serial Port Profile (SPP) - one master, one slave
  • physical UART port
  • FTP connection

Since there are two ports using SPP, both are able to send and receive data. It's much like conducting a conversation with another person. The master, or outgoing port, establishes connections with other devices. The slave, or incoming port, accepts connections. Because the master can connect to another unit, data can be forwarded on to a central location. By using the master, you can connect to another unit through the first unit, which can then connect to another unit, and so forth. This chain of AIRcable Industrial units forms a range extender within the network of units.


Mesh Net

Flexible communication options through mesh net interoperability.
The AIRcable OS is an extremely versatile communication tool. Because it uses the OBEX (OBject EXchange) communications protocol, it can transfer messages such as vCard contact information, vCalendar schedule entries, vNote for Palm/PC, and even applications to other Bluetooth devices such as cell phones, PalmPilots, PCs, or notebooks, or to other AIRcable units. When grouped together or with other Bluetooth compatible devices, AIRcable OS units form a powerful wireless mesh network. For example, vintners can use cell phones to communicate with AIRcable OS units and obtain information about air temperature and soil moisture levels. Retail stores can send coupons to potential customers who pass in front of their store while talking on their cell phones.


File System

A built-in read-and-write file system lets you store, access, and work with data anytime, anywhere.
The device's on-board file system allows you to run BASIC programs and store information gathered by its data-logging function. For example, data streaming in from a sensor connected to the serial port can be loaded directly to its file system. You can access the file system from a PC or your cell phone wirelessly. Best of all, the unit doesn't have to be connected to another device for the file system to work. It performs operations in both connection and autonomous mode. For detailed information on the file system, check out the AIRcable Industrial Programming Manual.


Sensor Interface / Hardware Features

It's durable, rechargeable, and more.
The AIRcable Industrial has a battery-backed real-time clock, a built-in temperature sensor that you can access via the application program, and an antenna port with various indoor and outdoor antenna options for an extended range of up to 28 miles. The devices have a large rechargeable battery and a wide-range charger for wired and solar power panels. The unit can be powered up through the RS232 interface. Enclosed in an aluminum case, the AIRcable Industrial unit is designed to withstand most adverse environmental conditions. Weather-proof versions are also available.
Other hardware features include:

  • RS232 interface
  • DTR, DSR freely accessible
  • High-speed UART
  • Automatic hardware
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